The Third Annual Communication Arts Xtreme Gala Is Coming

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It’s almost the end of the school year and for the NYIT Communication Arts Department, the preparation is ongoing for the third annual Xtreme Gala on May 11th. This is a night that the students and faculty look forward to from the start of the school year and this night couldn’t come sooner. “People I’ve talked to say it’s a great night and I can’t wait to get the taste of the Gala,” says freshman Communication Arts student Aaron Soodek. From 7-10pm the students and faculty of Communication Arts will enjoy a night of celebration in the de Seversky Center’s grand ballroom to enjoy one of NYIT’s best parties of the year.

The Gala will have plenty of activities for the Communication Arts students invited to attend this annual showcase of work by the department’s talented student TV and filmmakers, broadcast journalists, designers, public relations practitioners, and advertisers. “It’s very exciting to see all the work that we’ve done over the year,” says sophomore Communication Arts student Christopher Paz.  Also included in the night will be the department’s students of WNYT Radio, the official internet radio station of NYIT who will DJ the event. All students in the department’s Communication and Advertising programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels will be enjoying a night of celebration to end the school year. “It’s an event to look forward to and have one last great outing together with friends and professors before heading out into the field and explore where our education, work, and artistry takes us,” says senior Communication Arts student Robert Marzano.

This is an event free of charge and only for the students of the Communication Arts program along with the department’s faculty and staff. The night will begin with dinner and a social hour from 7-8PM, from 8-9PM a David Salten memory of whom the Gala is sponsored by, specialization video mashups, Xtreme excellence awards for graduating seniors, freshman/transfer recognition, memorable moments, and a senior sendoff. The final hour will feature music by WNYT Radio, dancing, and dessert to end a great night for all involved. Fellowstudents around campus may be wondering why Communication Arts throws this type of party. “The idea behind the end of the year party is just that, it’s a party,” says Associate Professor Robert Sherwin. “It’s the celebration of the learning and productivity of a year’s study in this department and of all those students lives we have touched in the past year,” Sherwin added.

The Xtreme Galais also a place where students who are not graduating can see the work of graduating students, and see where their hard work may one day lead them. The event is also a breeding ground for different ideas, suggestions, and even comparisons amongst students and faculty. The Gala would not be possible without the extraordinary contributions by Dr. Salten. In establishing the “Creativity Fund” for the Old Westbury Communication Arts Department, he has effectively brought about the possibility to have an event of the Gala’s magnitude. Without his Creativity Fund, many of the events that have taken place at NYIT in the past may not have occurred.

From 1969 to 1990, Dr. Salten served as executive vice president and provost at NYIT. His leadership in innovative program development and effective staff and student recruitment, as well as his emphasis on excellence, resulted in a larger and more vibrant academic community. He was instrumental in expanding the school campuses both in Manhattan and in Old Westbury to continue growth of the institution. The Salten Hall building located at the Old Westbury academic quad is named after Dr. Salten who was an important person in the history of NYIT.

In addition to celebrating the year of creativity among the NYIT students, the department will also be honoring a longtime faculty member. Dr. Adrienne O’Brien has been a faculty member at NYIT for the past 35 years and earlier this year she announced her retirement. O’Brien will be honored for her years of hard work and dedication to the NYIT community. She is excited to attend the event and she feels it’s a great way to make an exit. “What a great way to make an exit, being honored by students who are celebrating creativity,” says O’Brien. O’Brien was married to Dr. Salten who co sponsor the annual gala (see page TBD for more on Dr. O’Brien).

It’s a night of celebration not just for the graduating students, but for all the students and faculty on another great year of Communication Arts at NYIT. “Oh! The reaction of each senior as they see their work on the screen is just as wonderful as is the moments we all experience as each senior is called up for recognition for all they have accomplished,” says Associate Professor Jim Fauvell, “It is so much fun to see everyone sharing their best stuff for all to see.” The entire event is made possible by the David Salten Creativity Fund and Dr. Adrienne O’Brien along with the hard work of faculty and students of the Communication Arts program.Find out more information on the Gala through the Communication Arts Department located at the de Seversky Center.

Any full-time Communication Arts student can send an email to Christine Parker to RSVP for this year’s Communication Arts Xtreme Gala.


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The Third Annual Communication Arts Xtreme Gala Is Coming