Spring Blossoms for NYIT’s Clubs

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NYIT is a college full of culture that brings individuals from all walks of life and religious backgrounds together, in one friendly environment. Through this vibrant atmosphere, some of NYIT’s clubs have accomplished many positive things throughout the spring semester. These clubs differ in their overall objectives, yet bring together an array of students and faculty members.

Awareness for All began in the Fall of 2016 in an effort to raise understanding, empathy, and awareness for all “abilities”. Through campus and community events, they were able to connect to many students. These events are tailored to include everyone regardless of their abilities. Awareness for All recognizes that raising awareness and understanding for very disability is an everyday objective. The club understands that regardless if an individual has a disability, they are not defined by their disability. They host sessions called “Just Like You”, which brings unity amongst all students. Be on the lookout for more events from Awareness for All for many years to come.

NSBE NYIT-OW is a chapter organization on the Old Westbury Campus that follows the mission of the national organization, National Society of Black Engineers: “To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.” This year the organization increased their presence in the NYIT Community regarding their academic, professional and community development.

This semester the executive board made great strides in fundraising for the members when attending conferences. They created a donations webpage, http://www.nyit.edu/alumni/nsbeow, reaching out to our Alumni Network, SoECs, Dean of Engineering, SILD and SGA. The conferences allow our membership the opportunity to attend workshops, network, interview, and potentially receive internships and/or full-time job offers.

International Student Association is an organization of international and domestic students. Our organization focuses on bringing different cultures under one roof. ISA organizes popular cultural events, celebrations and customs. These activities aid our members in future career endeavors. This club provides information and guidance for students regarding F-1 status, VISA’s and immigration. This club feels a sense of responsibility to provide beneficial information and shared experiences, so that they will have a sense of community on campus.

The Public Relations Student Society of America was revamped here in Old Westbury this semester. The PRSSA club is designed for students that want to gain experience and practical knowledge in the career field of Public Relations. Membership in the club offers internship and job listings, competitions, scholarships, awards and leadership opportunities. In addition, PRSSA provides publications, news and social media to keep you updated on industry trends. This semester here in Old Westbury, PRSSA club hosted numerous events and visited Public Relations agencies in Manhattan. The club hosted its “Meet the PR Professionals” event, “Writing for PR workshop 101” event and visited Quinn PR agency and RF Binder PR agency. The club had tremendous success this semester and looks forward to hosting many more events in the years ahead.

For more information on NYIT’s clubs, please visit: http://www.nyit.edu/old_westbury/clubs_organizations

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Spring Blossoms for NYIT’s Clubs