PMCA The definition of success in review

By Jordann Pascall, Staff Writer

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On April 23RD 2015 The NYIT PCMA(Professional Conventions Management

Association) hosted an event entitled the definition of success. The PCMA is the

leading organization for meeting and event professionals. Their mission is to deliver

superior and innovative education and promote the value of professional

convention management.  Their headquarters is located in Chicago and represents

more than 6,000 meeting industry leaders from 17 chapters in the United States,

Canada and Mexico. Their members include planner professionals, suppliers, faculty

and students.

The key note speakers; Ms. Andrea Correale, the owner and CEO of Elegant

Affairs and Ms. Natalie Heba, The Banquet and Catering Director at the Huntington

Crescent Club. This event was created to educate students on what exactly is

required to reach true success, as an entrepreneur event professional and the

essence of how to be a great leader. As Ms. Nahyoung Park, president of the official

PCMA Chapter at NYIT states,

“ The definition of success series was launched because it offers great insight

into an event professionals life for students to understand and apply to

future careers.”

The event was mostly attended by, NYIT Hospitality Management Students from

both the Old Westbury Campus and the Manhattan Campus.

The first speaker Ms. Andrea Correale as she put it has always been an

entrepreneur, at the age of 16 she created a company out of her childhood home

entitled, “Event Staff for Hire” she next moved on to attending NYIT and gaining her

Bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After years of working in

the industry she decided to then create her own company, Elegant Affairs- a full

service off-premise catering and event planning empire. She now owns a 15,000

square foot facility in Glen Cove, New York, which hosts 800+ events for the year.

Her clients include not only local individuals but also celebrities, and large corporate

companies. She states” I have worked in multiple restaurants before owning my

own business”. As she puts it, she took a leap of faith by, leaving her jobs to start her

company, Elegant Affairs”, one of the leading event and catering companies in New

York, today. Some pieces of advice that she gave to the attendees included

“Take as many jobs as you can….even if it is just trailing somebody, that is the

way to do it”

Every little experience no matter how mediocre or how trivial can all add up,

it all counts and helps you to get to that place where you eventually want to be. It’s

all a learning experience.

The next speaker Natalie Heba is the events director of the Huntington

Crescent Club, a luxurious Country Club located on the North shore in Huntington,

New York. She once received a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the Grammys

back in 1987, this was when she came to the realization that she had a passion for

events planning and a want to be in the events industry. She states

“Do what you love and love what you do”. She then added, “People ask why you

have a passion for the events industry? So when the event is over and everyone is

walking out of the venue you just hear one WOW and that is the best reward. It is


In conclusion if you hate a job and you have no motivation you are never going to

excel in it. When you have a passion it makes your job so much easier. In the event

industry it’s so essential to take pride in what you do for the clients sake. when you

produce great events your clients are satisfied and happy. As quoted by the PMCA

Programming Chair Alana Berg “As most event planners would say, Producing an

event is just like producing a show your sole objective is to deliver amazing service and

quality as soon as the show ‘begins”

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