NYIT Club Events: Get Involved

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Looking to do some casual networking and get involved here at NYiT? Maybe spice up your resume

for future job offers? Joining a club is just the way to do that! With a slogan that includes, “We’re out there,

join us,” how aren’t NYiT students receiving the message. From advertisement to commutes home, why are

fewer students active participants in club events? More importantly, why are less students willing to join


“I think campus activities are great, there just needs to be more advertisement. Being a member of

the Campus Programming Board, I know the hard work that goes into planning an event,” said Candice

McCoy, a freshman engineering student and member of the Campus Programming Board.

“When students don’t participate, those kinds of actions hurt the committee who dedicate their

time to club events. The reason for students not participating as much is the event times. For example,

NYiT has a large population of commuter students however, when an event starts at seven and ends at

eleven, many students can’t make their appearance at NYiT events.”

Candice McCoy isn’t the only freshman NYiT student that believes the same. “The campus clubs

and activities are well organized from what I’ve seen; it’s just hard trying to find out where the clubs

meet because they don’t advertise well,” said Nadia P., freshman Psychology student. The problem lies in

advertising. Events such as, Relay for Life and Mayfest are widely known due to their impact on the

upperclassmen; as for NYiT’s freshman class, there is no prior experience.

“Campus activities are a lot of fun and really allow you to connect and meet new people,” said

Christine Rizzacasa, a freshman Physical Therapy student at NYiT and plays for the softball team. “I’m

looking forward to Mayfest and Relay for Life because the upperclassmen say it’s their favorite events on


With that said, campus events do make an impact here at NYiT; that impact needs to be shown in

the freshman class. Pictures and information for past events can be found on the school website at

nyit.edu of what to expect in this year’s upcoming Mayfest. If it means planning events earlier in the day

and handing out flyers to join clubs and events, NYiT students will receive the message. From sports to

bake sales to movie nights, every day of your month can be filled with a NYiT event accompanied by

your peers to help you unwind and get the full NYiT experience from supporting clubs.

There are so many options available to any NYiT student that is within your major as well as

stacking up your resume; clubs such as, the Engineering club or Radio club would be a good fit for students

studying Engineering or Communication Arts students. Greek life is a very inviting source of social

interactions most students forget to involve themselves in; it’s a way to be involved in a group of people that

care for and support, brotherhood/sisterhood and teamwork. To get even more specific, clubs such as, the

Women’s Association and Student Government Association are available at NYiT to hear the voice of the

college community and know what you have in mind for the future of this institution. So get out there, get

involved and make the most out of your time here at NYiT!

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