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Dear Campus Slate Readers,


It felt like a century ago that I started here at NYIT; but it was only four years ago. Four years of meeting peers that I could relate to; four years of building relationships with faculty members that I admire and appreciate; four years of hard work; and most of all, four years worth of learning experiences that will benefit my future. As an undergraduate senior in the Advertising program, I feel prepared to take on the real world.

My biggest opportunity and accomplishment that I’m very grateful for was serving you as Editor-In-Chief. Taking on this role for the past two semesters were fun, challenging, and successful. It was a pleasure seeing students and faculty all around campus and even at local restaurants like Moe’s Southwest Grill reading The Campus Slate. It was also a pleasure to work with such a diverse staff with a variety of talents.

The year 2009 was when I became a part of The Campus Slate as the Ad Sales Manager. Since then, I’ve seen the publication make great advancements in keeping up with technology and the latest trends. In the fall of 2009, The Campus Slate launched its own digital format, www.thecampusslate.com. The website provides the latest news, contests, events, videos, and photo slideshows to readers.

Now it’s May 2011 and The Campus Slate has made more transformations to be up-to-date with our readers’ demands. As you might have noticed earlier in the semester, our first main change was modifying the logo, the key to our publication’s brand. The next major change was completely redesigning our website, www.thecampusslate.com, to make it more user-friendly for our readers. Our last but not least change was going from a bi-monthly publication to a monthly publication. Our first monthly issue is what you hold in your hands. These changes are a big part of The Campus Slate’s history and I’m glad you are sharing it with us. If you have any suggestions with our new and improved website or print edition, please send us an email to slate@nyit.edu.

No matter what program you’re in, I encourage all students to register for The Campus Slate to gain real experiences in the newspaper environment. Not only do we need writers but we also always need other talents like photographers, videographers, social media developers, web site and print layout designers, etc.

At this time, I would like to thank John Hanc, faculty advisor of The Campus Slate, for making me a better writer, editor, manager, and student. I would also like to thank the Slate staff members for their continuous hard work, dedication, and making The Campus Slate enjoyable to our readers. Lastly, I would like to thank you, the reader, for supporting The Campus Slate by reading each issue.

Congratulations to all graduates! And best of luck to the future Slate staff and to John Santamaria who will be taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief next semester! I will truly miss our Tuesday meetings at the Green Lodge Building.


Amanda Beekharry




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Letter From The Editor