Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern

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Founded in 1919 by Henry Clay Frick, Nassau County Museum of Art ranked the nation’s largest and most important suburban art museum. Nassau County Museum is mostly known for their contemporary art exhibits. As their mission statement says, “The Nassau County Museum of Art is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of art culture through exhibition and education programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. In practice, the Museum pursues the mission by enhancing its permanent collections, sculpture park, historic property and natural setting.”

A new exhibit to be shown March 19 is something new out of the museums “comfort zone.” Kenny Scharf is a graffiti artist who is well known for his East Village Art Movement in the 1980’s. Scharf gets a lot of his influences and inspirations from the a lot the early street art movements, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. If you are a fan of art you will probably recognize Kenny Scharf’s Contemporary Pop Art pieces on the The Jetsons (1981), The Flintstones (1982); his most recents Born Again (2015) Cosmic Donut Occurrences (2015) and SCHOW (2015).

Scharf’s upcoming exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art is called Cosmic Cavern, which is filled with luminous graffiti tags that impersonates different cartoon personalities. Cosmic Cavern really brings out all the strong points of who Scharf really is and his brand, Pop Surrealism. Back in the 80’s when the piece was first seen a critic described Scharf’s piece as, “a post-apocalyptic aesthetic for the survivor of an end that has already come following the fragmentation of culture caused by today’s material and technological reality.”

Quoted by Scharf from, “I believe the artist has a social responsibility to engage others in a thought process that ultimately brings the creative process into everyday life thereby enhancing the quality of our experience.” This exhibit really exemplifies creativity and high art energy of Scharf. Cosmic Cavern is a really fun exhibit to take part in because it has a lot of history behind it and it still inspires a lot of other artists from around the world. This will also be the last time that the Cosmic Cavern will be recreated.

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Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern