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Greetings Interim President Shoureshi, Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff and the NYIT Graduating Class of 2017:

The day was September 3, 2013, my very first day of classes as a Communication Arts student at NYIT and my first stop on this journey was to a place that became an impact on my college studies. As part of the graduating class, this is a perfect time to look back at the year’s I worked with The Campus Slate. Before I joined the publication in the fall 2013 semester, my brother John was the Editor in Chief and ensured quality content in the news.

After writing for the newspaper at St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, NY, John told me I can join The Campus Slate as a class which was the most enticing aspect of it. I started out doing it as a club and later did it for academic credits. I want to thank him for influencing me to join the publication and having a second voice with my articles. One of the main points I took from him was with hard work, I can move up the ranks of the newspaper. Four years later, I did just that.

It has been an honor to take part of The Campus Slate as it has helped me grow in my field and pinpoint what I want to do when I graduate from NYIT. I would also like to thank former Editor in Chief Erica Brandt who promoted me to Managing Editor and Sports Editor. I wanted to change how we covered the NYIT Bears in the newspaper with more promotion with the social media account (@nyitbears) and write about every team. She allowed me to have my vision with the sports section which gave me the chance to expand sports coverage for our Bears. During my time in the role, I was awarded from the New York Press Association the 2015 Best Newspaper Contest winner for Sports Coverage.

I would also like to thank our Athletic Administration for working with me over the years to help make this coverage possible. Our Athletic Director Duane Bailey has been great to work with and I thank him for everything he has done and for his support. I have had the opportunity to work with terrific Sports Information Directors Sabrina Polidoro, Emily Dorko, and Adam Rubin. I learned so much from each of you and I thank you for all of your help with the Slate’s requests over the years. Thank you to all the coaches and student athletes who spent the time with me and my fellow staff members taking part in various interviews needed to get the stories done.

As Managing Editor, I learned the steps of being an Editor in Chief by not only checking articles but other aspects as well. I learned the value of leadership and what should be covered in the newspaper. During my time as Managing Editor, I learned the ways of being an Editor in Chief. Last year, former faculty advisor John Hanc and Erica asked me to replace Erica as Editor in Chief when she graduated and I said yes. I want to thank both of them with their trust in me with the role as Editor in Chief as I was ready to step up to the plate. I would also like to thank John Hanc for his knowledge and guidance with writing and as a leader which I took the lessons I learned from him into my new role.

During this academic year, it has been nothing but great serving as your Editor in Chief. I was blessed with an incredible staff that worked hard on every story assigned. From day one, I explained my vision to cover school related news and important issues in the world. They understood this aspect and did an incredible job. I personally want to thank my staff for their hard work and dedication as it showed in the issues. I would also like to thank faculty advisor Professor Kevin Horton as his input and guidance allowed The Campus Slate to grow on a creative level.

This academic year, I had the honor of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the newspaper with our #slatememory and #slatethrowback section. I would personally like to thank those who contributed to the #slatememory section as their stories were amazing to hear about. During the anniversary dinner this past November, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that considered the newspaper a stepping stone in their career. It was an honor to meet past members of the paper. We as a staff give a big thanks to the Office of Alumni Relations who worked with us on many of these aspects to make the 50th Anniversary a memorable one.

As I get ready to start the next chapter of my life, I know it will include another year at NYIT as I will be back next year to finish my Master’s Degree in Communication Arts. I will always look back at my time with the publication that has helped me grow to the person that I am today. I recommend any student from any major in this school because it gives you a chance to showcase your skills in different aspects of the newspaper as well as meet great people in the process. I have met a lot of great people by joining The Campus Slate and will never forget my time with the publication.

I am leaving The Campus Slate in good hands with new Editor in Chief Amanda Hinds. She is a hardworking and dedicated writer and is the perfect replacement for me. I wish The Campus Slate nothing but the best in years to come as I know Amanda will do an incredible job. To the Manhattan campus, I wish the very best to Manhattan Globe and Editor in Chief Nicole Pereira who has led an incredible staff and has created enticing original content. I wish nothing but the best for Nicole as I look forward to joining that staff in the fall semester during graduate school.

To my fellow members of the Class of 2017, we did it and made it to this day!!! Congratulations to all of you and best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep reading The Campus Slate and stay connected with us through social media @campusslate, and of course our website

Best of Luck to All!!!

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Goodbye Campus Slate Readers