Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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As the semester comes to an end, NYIT students have more to prepare for than just finals. With many students going home for the holidays there is a budget on not only money, but time. There is one day that definitely can accommodate both: Black Friday.  We know what you are thinking when you hear that name: People camping out in front of Roosevelt Field Mall for a week, to be the first ones in line; mad throngs rushing through the doors to gobble up any bargain in sight. Do you know what the term, “Black Friday,” really means? The most common theory is that that in old accounting books, the losses would be written in red and the profits would be written in black. Believable, right? Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the entire year. On the contrary, almost every ‘black’ day refers to something bad happening. For example, “Black Tuesday” was when the stock market crashed. The term, “Black Friday,” originated in Philadelphia. It was used to describe the hectic and massive amounts of traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.

This year many stores are having a higher sale percentage than the previous years. Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret, Target, and Dell (just to name a few) are having sales you cannot beat. It is so worth it to get your holiday gifts on this day. Visit websites such as, or to find out which stores are worth waiting on those crazy lines and which are a waste of time!

Cyber Monday was created as a marketing term for the Monday after Black Friday. It was created by companies to encourage people to shop online. Similar to the insanity of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. Most stores extend their discounts online and offer additional new sales and savings. Cyber Monday is such a hit because almost everyone who is shopping on Black Friday gets discouraged; the item they were looking for was sold out. Cyber Monday is a jovial alternative that provides buyers to get a second-chance at last minute discounted items. To check out great online deals and savings go to or



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Black Friday and Cyber Monday