A Life Investment: Old Westbury’s New Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success

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A new chapter of the National Society of leadership and Success (NSLS) has been extended to select NYIT students who hold the foundations of the NSLS. The main mission of the chapter is “build leaders who make a better world,” proving that more than good grades are what form it’s members.

The new Old Westbury chapter has invited two-hundred and seven members to be inducted in April and become members of a society with a mission. From the group efforts of campus life here at NYIT, chapter advisor Colvin Georges Jr. and co-advisor Mehtap Donuk carry forth the message, “we accomplish more together than we would achieve alone,” echoing the memorandum of the society’s history.

With assessments, student networking teams, and rebroadcast of some of the most influential leaders managing the corporate world, the society has proven itself to members such as Nicole Fatone. She is an Architecture major who believes that the National Society of Leadership and Success is worth the eighty-five dollar fee.

“Since the chapter has started I have been given the opportunity to meet like-minded people with positive attitudes,” Nicole admits. “Not only will the society pave way for future inductees, the membership benefits have proven to weigh the cost of of the society and continued to grow with the society in the coming years. “So far the society has been able to help me stay motivated and focused on my goals.”

Opportunities for recommendation letters, scholarships and awards, a member job bank, and discounts are available to inducted members of the society. The chapter helps college students produce a good resume, ace interviews and hold the attention of anyone they meet with brilliant communication skills.

“It is a good way to develop leadership skills and networking,”explains Kurt Wolf, a Sophomore BS/DO. The society does have advantages in terms of networking with its connections to several CEO’s and managers of companies that serve as speakers and members. “You develop contacts in various fields.”

(just put here how to reach the chapter as a promoting scheme and upcoming events in April or may that we should know about. Good article and don’t forget pics).

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A Life Investment: Old Westbury’s New Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success